Dear Fountain, your water I shall not drink


Like a thin water trickle

finding its way between the rocks covered with moss just as merrily I went through this life Ryokan


Tables can sometimes mistake themselves for something they are not. For the Lilliputian, they become architectural spaces to be explored… Tables, 2012, enamelled stoneware, 0,45×0,84×0,70 m – 0,45×0,86×0,67 m – 0,45×0,95×0,91 m, AD Intérieurs, Artcurial. For Pierre Yovanovitch.

Manta rays

Sixteen light sculptures, 2014, enamelled stoneware, 80-90×40-50 cm, Paris. For Pierre Yovanovitch.


Two open rectangles interact but don’t match, allowing the light to pass trough.

The wave