« … These idle furnitures compel an absolute art necessity, their uselessness questions us. » JP Hache With a final collection in 2009, the Petits Meubles [Small furnitures] show themselves at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and at the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud.

…and Absolutely…

« …Every furniture is movable; these particular tables move the lines of functional ceramics. Their radiant beauty and seductive feminine allure cast a shadow on colorlessness convenience…  » JP Hache   In 2005, when I came back from Mexico, I freely adapted the Small Useless but Absolutely Necessary Furniture as an exercice in style. The resulting works were […]

The Small Useless Furniture…

« Nor vases, neither kettledrum… Earthenware architectures, shapes, colours, token of a creative motion. Armelle Benoit’s Small Useless but Absolutely Necessary Furniture are not objects but beings. Little clay people defying contingency. They observe, and show us… » JP Hache The Small Useless but Absolutely Necessary Furniture were born during my one year residence in Mexico within the Villa […]

The Crack

We put all our efforts for the creation of a work, a monumental mural… and then, at the opening of the oven, something weird appears, something that bother us, a black trail. Irregular, it breaks the surface introducing a breach: the panel cracked. My disappointment is huge, although, with time, the unexpected raises awareness. The […]

Pocket format

Colorful vibrations